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Hello, I´m trying to do a 3d microstructure reconstruction of random media from 2d information (one slice). What I get is xyz coordinates of one phase (e.g. porous phase). So I´ve got a .txt or .xyz file like this:

 0  1  1
 5  8  9
22 54 20 ...

Now I want to do a FE analysis via abaqus. Is there a way to use iso2mesh to create surfaces and then mesh them and export the file to abaqus?

Thank you and greetings from Germany,


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Hi all, I am trying to create a volume mesh from 2 closed but intersecting surfaces (a and i). Using version 2013/01/20 (1.4.9, codename: Laba Porridge - beta)

Problem: Only one domain will get meshed.

The error I get: Error: Invalid PLC.

  Hint:  Use -d switch to check it. 
volume mesh generation is complete

Here is my workflow:

1. Remove overlapping geom. from one surface [a2]=surfboolean(i,'diff',a); 2. Merge 2 surfaces

  [merged] = mergemesh(i,a2);
3. Specify domain ids determine point coords. with 'surfinterior' on i and a2. 4. Meshing
5. Repair [merged] = meshcheckrepair(merged);

Q: Why do I get the error? Are there additional steps needed, if so which one?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, meshing the surfaces individualy is not a problem.

Thanks, fm

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