External Utilities Used by Iso2mesh Toolbox

In this directory, you can find the precompiled binaries that are used by iso2mesh (http://iso2mesh.sf.net). The names and origins of these tools are explained below:

  1. cgalsurf.* - Surface Mesh Extraction Utility (built on CGAL)
  2. cgalmesh.* - Volume/Surface Mesh Generation Utility (built on CGAL)
  3. cgalpoly.* - Volumetric Mesh Generation Utility (built on CGAL)
  4. cgalsimp2.* - Surface Mesh Simplification Utility (built on CGAL)
  5. tetgen.* - A Quality Tetrahedral Mesh Generator and 3D Delaunay Triangulator by Hang Si
  6. tetview.* - A Mesh Graphing Utility by Hang Si
  7. meshfix.* - Mesh Validation and Repairing Utility (build on JMeshLib) by Marco Attene

To distinguish binaries for different platforms, we added matlab mexext output for different platforms as the file extension (except for Windows). For example, the binary for cgalsurf on GNU Linux i386 platform is cgalsurf.mexglx, and that for Windows is cgalsurf.exe.

Please be aware that iso2mesh communicates with these external tools via pipes and disk files. Thus, iso2mesh and these tools are considered as "aggregate" and they can be distributed independently under different licenses.

Nonetheless, all of the above tools except tetgen and tetview are free-software (free as in free-beer and freedom). They are distributed under one of the OSI-approved open-source licenses. In the case of tetgen/tetview, unfortunately the license is non-free (based on FSF and Debian Free Software Guidelines). The author of tetgen/tetview permits free of use for academic research, but commercial use are only possible with explicit permission from upstream author (Hang Si). In the event where all free-software is desired, we recommend you choosing the "cgalmesh/cgalsurf/cgalpoly" options provided by iso2mesh.

For other utilities, cgalsurf, cgalmesh, cgalpoly and cgalsimp2 were modified from CGAL 3.x and the binary are licensed under QPL (The Q Public License v1.0 http://www.opensource.org/licenses/qtpl). The utility meshfix was compiled from JMeshLib and is licensed under GPL v2 or later. The modified source codes of these utilities are provided on the iso2mesh project management website (gforge server) and subversion source code repository. It is COMPLETELY the user's responsibility to use all external utilities (including tetgen/tetview) within the permissions outlined by the upstream licenses.

More detailed information regarding these tools can be found in the last section of the README.txt file under the iso2mesh main folder.

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