How to use metch GUI to perform registration

Description of the workflow

  1. when the GUI pops up, it will display the mesh and the points, you can rotate both plots so that you can identify the matching features
  2. switch on "Select" mode, then, click on a land-mark point on the point plot, when a data-tip shows up, click "Add Selected" button
  3. click on the corresponding position on the mesh, and click "Add Selected"
  4. repeat the above for at least 4 point pairs (you can select more); if you wantto change views, switch off "Select" box and rotate; after rotation, switch on "Select" box again
  5. click "Initialize": this will create the initial mapping using the selected point pairs
  6. click "Optimize": this will fit the surface with the whole point cloud
  7. click "Proj2Mesh": this will project the fitted point clouds onto the mesh
  8. you can quit the GUI by hit "Close", your results will be saved to reg
  9. close the window


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