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Contribute to iso2mesh

iso2mesh is a free and open-source software. It was released under the most widely-used open-source license, GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. Using this license means not only everyone can download and use iso2mesh for any purposes, but also you can modify the code and shared the improved code with others (as long as the derived work is also licensed under the GPL license).

We host iso2mesh code management and development at our ORBIT gforge server. We cordially invite everyone who are interested to help us improve this software. You can submit new functions, report and fix bugs or polish documentation and make it easy to understand.

Here are the relevant links if you want to get involved:

  1. you can share your experiences, questions and findings using iso2mesh with other users at our Forums
  2. you can report any bug you encountered at our Bug Reports (you must first create an account first)
  3. you can send emails to our users and developers using our Mailing Lists
  4. you can request new features at the Features Request Page
  5. you can also help us to put more examples and polish the documentation at our Wiki website

If you have made a change to the code to solve an issue you have encountered in your research, we are appreciated if you can share your changes (as diff outputs) with the maintainer/developer. We will carefully review your patch, making updates if necessary, and commit it to our source code repository (of course, we will add acknowledgement to your contribution in the associated documentation). If you are willing to spend more efforts to improve iso2mesh, you may consider to become a developer. Please send an email to Qianqian Fang to discuss more details.

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