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1. Mailing Lists

We will announce new releases and major bugs/fixes via mailing lists. Currently, there are two lists available, iso2mesh-news and iso2mesh-users. You can find the detailed information about these two lists below

1.1. iso2mesh-news

'iso2mesh-news' list is an announcement-only mailing list. All new releases will be announced in this list first. Only administrators can post announcements to this list, so, it is expected to be "spam-free". We only expect a few major announcements a year, as a result, this list has extremely low traffic.

Anyone who has indicated to be notified in the registration/download page will be added to this list (you will receive an email to notify your subscription status). You can also subscribe/unsubscribe to this list from its web interface.

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1.2. iso2mesh-users

'iso2mesh-users' list is a place where one can ask questions and share tips about iso2mesh. To prevent spam, your first post will be moderated, once approved, your new messages will not be reviewed by the admin.

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2. Sharing Your Experiences or Ask Questions

3. Showing off your cool research

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