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metch: a mesh/volume registration toolbox

1. Introduction

metch, coined from "mesh" and "match", is a Matlab/Octave-based mesh/volume registration toolbox. It provides straightforward functions to register point clouds (or surfaces) to a triangular/cubic surface mesh by calculating an optimal affine transformation (in terms of matrix A for scaling and rotation, and b for translation). It also allows one to project a point cloud onto the surface using surface norms and guarantee the conformity of the points to the surface. At this point, metch can only perform rigid-body registration in terms of a linear transformation.

The current release of metch toolbox also comes with a graphical interface (matlab only) in addition to the script-mode functions. With this GUI, users can easily select the landmark points to create the initial mapping, and trigger the optimization and projection steps of the workflow.

You can find the full documentation from Doc page and read the example outputs and see what metch can do]].

What's New

  • [2008/12/17] the alpha version of metch (v0.5, codenamed Marshmallow) is now ready to download.

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