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Institution:Laboratoire de recherche en imagerie et orthop├ędie
Hello ! I find your functions to plot stl file as a surface; what works really good ! My question refers to the background: I'd like to set it as black, without any visible axis or tick or grid. Is it possible ? If yes, how ? In fact I wondered to find a 'background color' option but it seems do not exist. Could you help me about that ? Thanks ! Lauranne
Time:: Sat Aug 23 2014 15:33:17 GMT-0400 (EDT)</timestamp>

Name:Slavko Rebec
Institution:Case Western Reserve University
Hello,I have potentially an easily answerable question.

Lets say for example I am trying to make a tetrahedral mesh model of an egg.

I have already a surface triangle mesh of the shell and of the yolk. How do I take these two triangular meshes and get out a tetrahedral mesh of the yolk and the surrounding egg white?


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Name:Qianqian Fang

Name:Ferenc Kun
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