Contribution and feedback

JSONlab is an open-source project. This means you can not only use it and modify it as you wish, but also you can contribute your changes to back to JSONlab so that everyone else can enjoy the improvement. For anyone who want to contribute, please download JSONlab source code from it's subversion repository by using the following command:

 svn checkout svn:// jsonlab

If you need to use JSONlab as a git submodule in your project, you may consider using the following github mirror:

you may clone this JSONlab git repo using

 git clone jsonlab

or add it as a submodule by

 git submodule add jsonlab

You can make changes to the files as needed. Once you are satisfied with your changes, and ready to share it with others, please cd the root directory of JSONlab, and type

 svn diff > yourname_featurename.patch

or, in the case of git

 git diff > yourname_featurename.patch

You then email the .patch file to JSONlab's maintainer, Qianqian Fang. Qianqian will review the changes and commit it to the subversion if they are satisfactory.

We appreciate any suggestions and feedbacks from you. Please use iso2mesh's mailing list to report any questions you may have with JSONlab:

(Subscription to the mailing list is needed in order to post messages).

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